Personal consultation and always at my client’s side

An all-in-service.

That is the foundation of the SAJOWITZ Real Estate company philosophy. An all-in-one service is what I strive for.

This unique service includes:

  • Personal consultation, commitment and discretion
  • Accompanying my clients from the initial contact to the use or realisation of the property
  • Home staging. This innovative and exclusive service guarantees the optimal presentation of your property
  • Interior design at the highest level
  • Professional handling of renovation and remodelling
  • Property supervision in the absence of owners or tenants
  • Assistance and support with estate matters, from the valuation by sworn and court-certified experts, to the resale

You are looking for your dream property.
I’ll show it to you.

Generous, light-flooded, tasteful. A few small changes, then the property is perfect. On request, I will personally handle the coordination of the project.

My offer:

  • A good feel for the wishes and needs of my clients
  • Handpicked objects
  • Profound market knowledge, good contacts and a solid network
  • Carefully and professionally prepared documents
  • Solution-oriented support for renovation and remodelling of properties
  • Personal and efficient processing

» If you know what you value, it is easier to make decisions. «


They want to reach your goal.
I’ll support you in doing that.

You have decided to sell or rent out a property. I will personally take care of the successful mediation and transaction conclusion.

My offer:

  • Expert, individual advice
  • Perfectly prepared documents with professional images
  • Optimal presentation of the objects
  • Home staging as an innovative and exclusive service
  • Best contacts, dense network of professionals and experts
  • Support and assistance in the processing of real estate in your estate

» Through my many years of practice in the field of property management I know the goals and wishes of both landlords and sellers. «

Home Staging

Real estate at its best.

SAJOWITZ Real Estate offers you this exclusive and innovative service. Home staging refers to the presentation of your property at its best.

With the help of a few tricks of the trade, an appealing look is created. The interested party is thus immediately better able to judge the potential of the property. In thought, the potential client already occupies the object during the viewing.

Empty objects come to life

Empty spaces are enlivened with a few deliberately-set touches. A nice lamp in the living room instead of a naked bulb dangling awkwardly from the ceiling. A chair, a small table positioned in the right place… Often it is enough to give an impression of the home decor for the prospective tenant/buyer to get a feel of how he/she would design the room him/herself.

Lived-in property in a neutral look

Personal items have already disappeared from the scene at the time of the showing. The property is presented neutrally.

The law of order applies. The windows have been cleaned, the entrance area is meticulous. The first impression counts. Bright, friendly tones are appealing. A curtain change, a pretty throw over a worn couch adds an appealing touch.

It is important to create a lot of space and clear lines. Furniture is arranged in a way that optimises the possibilities of the room.

» One small change can often achieve a great effect. «


Best contacts.
An efficient network.

Nobody is an island. Every person, every company needs a sustainable network of reliable partners. I have very good contacts and work hand-in-hand with professional companies that I personally know and value highly.


  • Contractors
  • Property management
  • Craftsmen establishments
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Colour and lighting consultants
  • Landscapers
  • Court sworn experts
  • Notaries
  • Lawyers
  • Tax consultants
  • Real estate colleagues
  • Banks
  • Feng Shui